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I am grateful that, using all my resources, I managed to launch the Ark of Dreams and so, now I am able to devote all my time and energy to this initiative for a whole year. I simply said yes to my dream, that’s how I joined.


You can join us in the Ark of Dreams by registering on this website.


By registering, you become

a Member & Exhibitor of the Ark of Dreams.

It means that your Submission will be featured at the World Premier.




Your registration enables you:


  • to access the full content of the website
  • to download for free the digital copy of the CD ”A Smile From Life” by Jon Georg,
  • to download each issue of the Ark of Dreams Magazine for free,
  • and, most importantly, to upload one submission that represents you in the Ark of Dreams.




You can register by clicking on CREATE AN ACCOUNT in the login section.


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